The Black Bull

We aim to make investing transparent and accessible for you. We have developed individual tools to optimise costs and manage risks.

Who we are

We manage money for clients like you in over 10 countries. Your goals are our goals. We are multinational asset manager. We believe it is our responsibility to help you invest in your financial well-being.

We are the pioneers of distributive Independent Wealth Management (DIWM) for the affluent in Society with a focus on the African Continent and its various independent countries.

How we can help

We will reduce your stress to invest money. Our assets are accumulated years of financial and legal expertize. We use these assets to engineer solutions that will help you achieve your financial goals.

Our conversations with our clients are designed to align the Interests of our clients and provide them with comprehensive transparent advice that serves their specific needs and interests. Our core business is the advisory services we provide to wealthy individuals, families, and foundations.

Our value

Our clients have needs that extend past their portfolios. At TBB, we have designed our services around the needs of our clients and focused our core expertise on minimizing conflict and misguided investment decisions and wealth management structuring that will cost them fees that are not needed. Through trusted partners, we curate meaningful value-added services for our clients.

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